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AZ Camera LLC

AZ Camera LLC is an operated security systems Installation Company with a industry professionalized team. Our success is based on our business model: to offer low cost professional service to all of our customers.

We offer low cost professional service to all of our customers. Trust is what we believe! In order to have security and safety in your home, we make sure that you have these with us.

We proudly serve Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Baytown and Galveston cities with our award winning service and low prices.

AZ Camera provides you a broad range of well-tested, matching vision hardware and software for numerous applications. By selecting products from a single source provider, you can rest assured every component has been thoroughly tested for reliability, long lifetime, and full compatibility.

CCTV Systems How do we work?


First you reach out to us by filling out the form. Then our professional team comes to explore your home and your house’s safety needs – free of charge.


We determine the areas where we will place the cameras in line with the needs, we map the blind spots.


Next thing we do for you is discussing with you to determine which type of camera we will use after the blind spot map is drawn.


We assemble the security cameras you decide in a way that they will not have blind spots in order to provide you full safety and protection. After the assembly process is completed, we provide general usage training. Then everything is ready!

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Electronic Security Solutions, Alarm Systems

Feel Safe at Home!

If the rapidly increasing crime rates in recent years are bothering you, if you are worried that the disasters that have happened to someone else will happen to you, or if you feel threatened from time to time, the wisest choice you can make is to take advantage of real solutions that will ensure your safety instead of living in fear.

Securitas Alarm Home Alarm Systems covers theft, fire, gas leak, flood, emergency health and panic situations. We bring you together with the most practical and effective measures for your life and property safety.

Corporate Solutions Specific to Your Industry

Developed by Securitas Alarm for your business; Electronic Security Systems consisting of Alarm Systems, Camera Systems, Card Access and Parking Systems, Electromechanical Lock Systems, Temperature-Humidity Control and Automation Systems allow you to keep all control in your hands 365 days and 24 hours. With these solutions you can focus on your earnings by experiencing the comfort of entrusting your company to safe hands.

In our security systems, all details are meticulously designed and easily assembled and the most preferred products all over the world such as DSC, Paradox, Videofied are used.