CCTV, which we now know as a security camera system, is a television system belonging to my institution. This television system displays images taken from security cameras on certain monitors and records them for later viewing. 

There are systems like analog, AHD, CVI, TVI, HDCVI, HDTVI that connect security cameras. So, the devices that transmit images from the cameras to the monitor and record them to the hard drive so that we can watch them later are known as DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

Our country’s security camera system was first used in institutions that required high security, and later developed a wide range of applications for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as homes. Security camera systems are widely used in many types of establishments today, including businesses, schools, hospitals, factories, cafes, and restaurants. With changing end-user needs, security camera systems can be a means of monitoring personnel and improving performance, as well as for security purposes.

Security camera systems are systems that are installed in places where they are needed. When assessing your security needs, first evaluate the areas that need video recording as well as identify blind spots in the facility. Then determine the number of cameras that should be installed. The amount of hard disk is calculated by determining how long the images will be recorded. In light of this information, the hard disk and video recorder suitable for security cameras are accessed. For your security camera system to last long, it is recommended that you seek help from a professional in these processes.

Motion detection technology is frequently used in security systems. Its main use is in alarm systems. When motion sensors detect movements in the environment, it sends a signal to the alarm panel and makes the sirens sound. Motion detection technology in security camera systems is used for the following purposes.

  • It allows it to only record when there is motion to make videos take up less space.
  • In certain models, it allows sirens to sound by integrating with the alarm system.
  • It performs area violation and person counting functions in IP camera systems

In order to monitor security camera systems remotely, it is necessary to have the internet in the place where they are installed. After opening the necessary ports, remote monitoring can be done from mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

In security camera systems, the image recording time is determined during the installation phase. The image quality (frames per second) of security cameras and the number of frames taken per second are the determining factors here. The range of these values can be adjusted in accordance with the number of image records desired.

The video recorder continuously records to the hard disk for the time specified in the installation. When the hard disk is full, one hour is deleted from the oldest image recording and new images are recorded here. Thus, when you want to watch old recordings, you can watch the recordings by navigating back through the specified time.