• November 9, 2022
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The home security camera system is an imaging system designed for domestic security and precautions. With this system, monitoring, viewing, and recording processes can be performed when not at home. Through home security systems, it is possible to provide security against a child left with a caregiver, monitoring critical areas, patient follow-up, and possible theft.

Home security systems can have a modular structure that can be shaped according to your needs. Modular home security camera system components include a camera (Box, IP, Dome), digital recorder (DVR), monitor, and an internet connection. As a result, before installing a home camera system, the need for surveillance should be determined, and products that will meet the demands should be selected.

If there is a programmable feature in the home security camera system, the camera can be operated at desired times or as motion sensitive. In addition, according to the characteristics of the camera system, audio recordings can also be made. For this, cameras with built-in microphones should be preferred.

A broadband internet connection may be required for high and uninterrupted image transmission with an IP camera in the home security camera system to be remotely monitored. Live or recorded images can be viewed in the home via a computer, tablet, or mobile applications installed on smart devices such as IOS, Android, and Windows Phone. These applications can be installed via a browser wherever there is an internet connection. Users are given a password to prevent remote monitoring of the security camera by unauthorized persons. This password is personal and not easy to guess, which can increase camera security.

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