• November 7, 2022
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What Is Employee Motivation?

Employee motivation is a driving force that an employee must have in order to fulfill his responsibility within the company.

Low motivation will result in work that cannot achieve maximum efficiency. It is imperative that employees are highly motivated so that they perform at their optimum level and add value to the company. Otherwise, low-motivated employees may cause the company to lose turnover. It can even cause businesses to downsize.

According to research, while people cast their happiness on 2 or 3 people around them, they reflect their unhappiness on 8 or 9 people. Based on this research, only one employee’s dissatisfaction and loss of motivation bring with it the loss of motivation of 8 or 9 employees.

An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum total of his interactions with his manager.

Employee motivation is of the utmost importance for companies to run their business efficiently. Motivation brings with it high-quality individual performance. The higher the individual performance of employees, the healthier the teams can be managed, and this plays an influential role in the growth of the company.

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